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"Your name is the sweetest sound to my heart and soul."
Scott Muir 2014, Excerpt from O beautiful Jesus.

Fun, fun, fun.

We have just served the local community with our annual Community BBQ and Fun Day. The local folks really seem to enjoy themselves. The popularity of the day has increased with each passing year and we saw our busiest day so far on Saturday 12th August. The bouncy castle and slide were a hit, with a couple of the adults from the congregation testing it, (for safety you understand), before the day began. Let's face it you're never too old to bounce. Face painting was busy as well. With thanks to our new members for all their input in the gazeebo.

Burgers and hot dogs were a hit too. We gave away 118 hot dogs and 124 burgers, countless cups of coffee, tea and juice. The tuck shop was so popular that it was cleaned out.

The weather was stunning, God blessed us again with a really sunny day, two wee showers of rain, but they barely wet the ground.

Inside the creche toys were set out and the chairs were round the sides. This was a well used area with young and old sitting talking the afternoon away with free coffee and tea top ups. The small hall was set up with pre-loved clothes and a jewelery making station. Again very busy. A blessed day indeed.

Oh Yes, everything was free. We did have one insistant donation, God bless that couple who gave last year too.

For the first time this year we released ballons with scriptures on them. Hand written by the congregation the wind carried them where it pleased, filling the sky with praise and love. Trusting God that they will be found by those who most need it.

Here's the thing, it's free because we want to bless Renfrew. It's free because God has blessed us and we desire to give the local people a greater sense of community and a glimpse of the love of God that has so captivated our hearts. It is our hearts desire that they too will find comfort in his love, peace in life through him and understanding of Gods love for you through Jesus Christ.

Conversation is important, Christ in our conversation is life giving and relevant today. Our wee day hopes to encourage conversation and point the way to the only God, God who has not forgot you or ceased to care about your life. He has never stopped loving you, regardless of your circumstances. So if you missed it this year come along next year.

If you can't wait that long, come in on Sunday at 10:30am, you will recieve a warm welcome and are invited to stay for a cuppa and a chat after the meeting.

God loves you, God loves Renfrew. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, come along and find your life in him.

God Bless,

Pastors Steven & Dorothy.

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