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"Your name is the sweetest sound to my heart and soul."
Scott Muir 2014, Excerpt from O beautiful Jesus.

It's Christmas. (Part 2). Christ is born.

With Advent in it's second week now we are going to look at the arrival of Jesus. 'Christ the redeemer is born, Christ the redeemer is born'. This is after all the whole point of Christmas. Christ's Mass from the old Elglish 'Crīstesmæsse', is the annual Celebration of the Saviors birth, a public gathering involving music and Worship that we have managed to pin down to December 25th. This is of course most likely the wrong date, and as long as we realise this it's close enough, God is well aware of our need of a calendar and with our eyes set on him we can spend this time focusing on Christs arrival with us.

This long prophesied event was the culmination of thousands of years of Godly foretelling and made such an impression on the whole earth that History itself was devided. Changed from B.C. to A.D.

The living word of God, whom we are told in Hebrews 4v12, is sharper than any double edged sword, made a gentle yet powerful arrival that changed everything. The life of Christ would complete the old covenant Matthew 5v17, causing the Law of the prophets to be completed and turned on it's head all at the same time. Jesus arrival crossed the 't's' and dotted the 'I's', his life revealed the Fathers heart towards men John 3v16-17, his death bore the punishment of our sins upon himself 1 Peter 2v24, his resurrection tore the veil in two Matthew 27v51, allowing us direct access to the Father Ephesians 2v18, and victory over the enemy 1 Corinthians 15v57, and his return will wrap up history and begin our eternity, Matthew 24v30.

There is a lot to unpack in Christs birth so hopefully next year we'll look at another point. History; you either love it or don't but we can all find something in it to learn from, so as we Worship and Glorify our Savior let us consider his arrival, lowly, without great decleration and full of humility. There was great excitement within the households of Mary and Joseph and Elizabeth and Zechariah but only they and the shepherds, wise men and Herod had any idea of what was coming to pass. So the arrival of the world's savior was as still and silent as the night he arrived.

With our eyes on Jesus and our eyes on the world's events, let us long for his return and live for him today.

God Bless.

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