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Daily Devotionals

Welcome to the Daily Devotionals page at Renfrew Christain Fellowship. All the devotions are free to download. We suggest that you set a daily reminder on your phone or media pad and spend time daily reading praying and applying what you read to your life. We hope you both enjoy and delight (yourself in the Lord), in these readings. God Bless.

Do you know the shepherd of Psalm 23?
by Pastor Dorothy Barr
Breakfast with Jesus
by Pastor Steven Barr
Breakfast with Jesus.png
Peace perfect Peace.
by Pastor Steven Barr
Why We Worship
The Reason for our song.
by Pastor Steven Barr
What Fruit Are You Eating?
This is Freedom!
by Pastor Steven Barr
Fruit Platter 004.JPG
Romans 12: A Study in Change.
by Pastor Dorothy Barr
Be Transformed.jpg
by Jacquie McLean
Things Present or Things to Come.
by Pastor Steven Barr
Bible light.jpg
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