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"Your name is the sweetest sound to my heart and soul."
Scott Muir 2014, Excerpt from O beautiful Jesus.

He's that real.

Ever thought if Jesus had been born in this generation? Well I just did! I thought of him walking with his friends his disciples...jeans, slogan'd t-shirt maybe even joggies & hoodie! I phone or a Samsung in bk pocket...earphones on chilling listening to some upbeat septuagint hebrew scriptural words. U see Jesus walked this earth a child, a teenager, a young man. Jesus was only 33 when he completed His work on earth. Until that time, he hung out with his buddies, worked his carpentry skills out, looked after his mother, Shared his heart! His deepest treasure! He took time out to bond with his father, listen to his father's heart, abide in his father's love and strength. Yes Jesus, needed time out with his father for he knew that in God alone He could accomplish Gods will....the cross....where the veil was torn in two. Where we could come freely before the throne of grace and enter an eternal life with the father. Where in our repentance of sin He chooses to remember it no more( isaiah 43 v25) Jesus walked the earth as we do and we have that same spirit within us to help us on our earthly journey....we have race to run where an eternal prize awaits Philippians 3 v 14..... Yup, He's that real!

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