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"Your name is the sweetest sound to my heart and soul."
Scott Muir 2014, Excerpt from O beautiful Jesus.

A New day

Wednesday 21st October saw the launch of the "Renfrew Teen Challenge Bus". It was a slightly damp autumn night that left us feeling hopeful despite the weather. Hopeful for the weeks to come, hopeful for the lives that would be changed. Sure it was a slow start with only one woman coming on board a bus that had enough food on it to feed a small town but sometimes God puts things in place for the "One", God will move heaven and earth for the one.

Look at the prodigal son, (Luke 15:11-32), a story we can all relate to from the point of we were all once lost, then God brought us in to his arms, the Fathers, arms through Jesus Christ.

The Father in the story threw an elaborate celebration over the "One" son returning. He clothed him in the finset linens and jewels and honoured his return.

Again in the first 7 verses of Luke 15 Jesus talks about the lost sheep and how important the "One" is in the eyes of the Shepherd. So important that the other 99 are left for a time, while the lost one is found. I am not suggesting that we pay less attention to the flock while excersising outreach, these things are to be balanced and worked out within Church so that the "One" is not overlooked, and neither are the remaining flock, regardless of size.

So, small beginings are not to be despised, God will bring about all that he wishes to accomplish as his word goes out (Isaiah 55:11 paraphrase). God is and always has been in control, (and always will be), this being so, as we "Go", into where we are called we need to keep our eyes on Jesus, not the results, not the stastistics, for in doing so we will not miss the "One".

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