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Do you have children and young people who are looking for something fun to do? Then why not bring them along for some games, fun, fellowship, food and a time of looking at a different scripture each week.
We would love to have you join us and we can have an adventure together as we learn to walk with Jesus.



Do you have children who want to learn about music and worship? W are building a youth worship team. We  have a devoted space and time for our young people to learn about worship. they can take part in worship, learn to play to worship music.Learn what worship is, and what worship is not. So why not bring them along to our next Youth Worship night. We have a youth music room in the attic, where we have been looking at questions like, 'what is worship?' and 'we’re we created to worship?'  

We would love you to join us and we look forward to walking this journey with you.

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